Dirt Rally is the most genuine, testing and exciting rally amusement at any point made, street tried more than 80 million miles by the DiRT people group. It catches the substance of what makes rally novel like no other diversion: that white knuckle sentiment hustling on the edge; endeavoring to stay responsible for your feelings as you rush along unsafe, undulating streets dangerously fast, intending to press everything out of your auto while realizing that one crash could hopelessly hurt your stage time. It's a definitive trial of a driver's aptitude, and a definitive in high hazard, high reward gameplay.
Twisting ways through timberlands, shocking drops off slopes and limited mountain ways are what truly matters to this current; it's you and your auto versus the street ahead. Make a beeline for the sloppy ways of Wales, the dusty trails of Greece and the frigid landing area of Monte Carlo. Go up against the amazing hillclimb of Pikes Peak, the frigid rushes of Sweden, and the epic view of Finland. Dirt Rally has the notorious areas to test your nerve and enjoyment your faculties.

DiRT Rally - New Content Trailer | PS4

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